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The University of Toronto (Publicly Funded Research University) was established by a royal Charter in 1827. Toronto University was originally known as Kings College upon its founding. The Church of England had previously managed the university. However, it became a secular institution after which it changed its name to University of Toronto.

The location of the university

The University of Toronto’s main campus is found Dr Jean Chen UofT in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario. Queen’s park is the campus’ main campus. It is a popular tourist location. The two other campuses are smaller and are located in Scarborough or Mississauga. University of Toronto boasts a large campus of 180 acres. This sprawling area is home to many green spaces, which have helped create a unique region of urban parksland.


Toronto University offers an unparalleled learning environment to its students. There are many courses available at the university in different subjects. Toronto University offers students access to a variety of courses. Students have access to a wide range of graduate and undergraduate programs offered by the University. The Liberal Arts department’s Arts and Humanities courses are the most popular. Another popular course is the University of Toronto’s computer science Course. The University of Toronto computer sciences department offers both undergraduate as well as graduate programs. These courses will teach students everything about computing and IT development. The University of Toronto computer sciences department ranks first among all computer science faculties in Canada and amongst the top in the world. Computer Science Specialist, Computer Science Mainstream and Computer Science Minor are the three main undergraduate programs offered by University of Toronto’s computer science faculty. These three courses each focus on different aspects of computing to varying degrees. Toronto University offers many courses beyond Computer Science. They offer everything from Accounting to Zoology.

Infrastructure and Facilities

The University of Toronto boasts one of Canada’s most impressive research facilities. The university uses a multidisciplinary approach for research. Faculty and departments work together to bring about cutting-edge innovations. Toronto University’s research funding rank amongst the best in the country, which has helped it become a leader in research, training, and research. Toronto University has an extensive library which houses thousands of books, periodicals research papers, and electronic media. It offers quiet study areas that allow students the freedom to do their work without interruptions. There is also a group study room for students who want to work with others. The University of Toronto library offers workshops on many subjects. The university also has a Housing Department that coordinates and provides accommodation for students. Toronto University offers several housing options, including off campus housing, on-campus housing, and student dormitories.

International Students

Toronto University accepts international students. They have a dedicated office that helps international students integrate into Toronto’s culture. University of Toronto international student have the unique privilege of studying at a multicultural city. International students from University of Toronto have access to the vibrant and varied culture of Greater Toronto Area. For all pursuits, the Greater Toronto Area offers something. The assistance provided to students goes beyond the campus. A welcome desk has been set up at the airport. For international students, a welcome booth was set up at the airport. It is available to assist with their education costs.

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