Retro Gaming Roundtable: A Hub for Classic Gaming Fans to Connect and Share

Today, online retro gaming communities are a popular way to share information and interact with other players. Users’ motivations to join these communities revolve around three main axes: socialization, game preservation and economic transactions.

Aside from collecting and playing obsolete games, some gamers also prefer to emulate these old titles using ROMs and emulators. This practice is legal and can be done on your computer, but it is important to follow copyright laws and use emulation responsibly.


Emuparadise was an excellent retro gaming community that helped users download ROMs to play on their consoles and computers. They also had a great forum for gamers to interact and discuss their favorite games.

While Emuparadise isn’t in operation anymore, there are a few alternative websites that provide the same services. These sites all feature a wide range of archived games and offer free downloads.

Another great option is Hex Rom. It features a large library of ROMs and emulators, including many rare titles. The website also features a community of users who can answer your questions for free.

The site hosts user-uploaded files, but they’re monitored and checked by a community trust system. This means that if anyone reports any faulty files, they’re down voted. Hopefully, this will prevent the website from being infected by malware and viruses. But it’s still a good idea to run a quick virus scan before downloading any files.


Whether you’re a fan of old school console gaming or modern portable consoles, you’ll likely find your niche in this community. RetroGamingHub boasts a massive collection of ratty old rigs and spartan newcomers, but what makes this community unique is the camaraderie that abounds. A plethora of community leaders make this the place to be for all things retro, old school and spartan! The most interesting part of this community is their willingness to share their expertise with the public and fellow enthusiasts. The community is a blend of the traditional, the nerdy and the downright nutty. The aforementioned nutty is one of the earliest members and can be found most nights of the week.


The retro gaming community is a diverse group of people that love old video games. They have different reasons for enjoying this scene, but they all agree that retro is a fun and interesting way to enjoy your favorite games from the past.

One of the most popular retro gaming YouTubers is gba rom download MetalJesusRocks, who has a huge library of retro gaming videos on his channel. His videos include game hunting, collecting guides, and reviews.

Another great retro gaming YouTuber is Sega Lord X, who publishes thoughtful retrospectives on retro games that provide a better understanding of how the games were released and what makes them special. He also frequently uploads videos about Japanese retro games.

Among the many other retro gaming YouTubers are Pixel Game Squad, who regularly go on adventures to swap meets, gaming conventions, and even game stores. They are a high-energy, relatable group of guys that really love old games. They have a great show called TheNESPursuit on their channel that showcases their passion for retro gaming.

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